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Dear Students, The Final Evaluation for PGP 9404 Applied Linguistics will be an exam held as an Open Book Test of 3 hours. In an open book test, you are free to access resources; however, it is strongly encouraged that students approach this test as you would a conventional examination. While you may have your notes ready to refresh your memory, without adequate study you will be unable to maximize your time.
The scheduled exam will comprise of 1 compulsory question based on second language learning theories (40 marks) and 3 essay type questions to be answered from 4 questions given (60 marks). That is, you will get to select 3 questions from 4 essay questions. You are encouraged to write a maximum of 500 to 750 words in essay type question answers. This is a general guide and you can write less or more but keep in mind it is content that is marked not length.

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