Yorter’s Five Genenc Strategy framework

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2 of 5 strategies adopted by Brickworks Australia
based on Yorter’s Five Genenc Strategy framework discussed in workshop 05, identify the business-level strategy adopted by one business unit/ product group of Brickworks Australia Need to indicate the rationale for determining the chosen strategy and cntique the suitability. This section should not exceed 500 words.
Please note you are only expected to explore one business unit/ product grout, when analysing the businoss•levet strategies
D. Corporatedevel strategic initiatives Brickworks Australia
Analyse the corporate-level strategic initiatives of Brickworks Australia by exploring past activities – greenneld expansions joint ventures. strategic alliances, mergers d acquisitions. etc.. over the last ten years You must identify at least three such inibatives discussed in workshop 08. You must Incorporate the template used in workshop 0810 review these initiatives purpose the completed template should be included in the appendix This section should not exceed 700 words.
E. Recommendations
Based on your analysis. provide recommendations to Bnckworks Australia management on stakeholder engagement_ strategic initiatives that can defend the competitive position and stimulate growth This section should not exceed 300 words. There is no need for a conclusion.
In prepAring for this assessment, please note the following points
The report should contain an executive summary, not included in the word count.
You need to include stakeholder engagement template discussed in workshop 05. You also need to utise the goals and approach template discussed in workshop 08 to complete part C.
Need to refer to academically oriented articles and books when developing the report
• Minimum of ten academically oriented articles and books awl from industry reports, credible online news sources, business magazines, websites, etc
Watch the assignment briefing webinal conducted by the Subject Coordinator – refer subject welcome message from the Coordinator for the date and time.
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Assessment Submission This file must be submitted as a ‘Word’ document to avoid any technical issues that may occur from incorrect file format upload. Uploaded files with a virus will not be considered as a legitimate submission. MyKBS will notify you it there is an issue with the submitted file In this case, you must contact your workshop facilitator via email and provide a brief description of the problem and a screenshot of the PikyKBS error message
You are also encouraged to subrnit your work well in advance of the deadline to avoid any possible delay with the Turnitin similanty report or any other technical difficueles
Late assignment submission penalties Penalties will be imposed on late assignment submissions in accordance with Kaplan Business School ‘tale assignment submission penalties” Policy

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