X Post session Reading #

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X Post session Reading #
There are 3 files provided for post-session reading. These are: Service users and Academics teaching together A review of implementing shared decision making in health care Shared decision making for nursing practice Instruction:
Please review these articles and consider how these relate to partnership working and co-production and your NMC proficiencies:
1.10 demonstrate the skills and abilities required to develop, manage and maintain appropriate relationships with people, their families, carers and colleagues;
3.4 demonstrate the knowledge, communication and relationship management skills required to provide people, families and carers with accurate information that meets their needs before, during and after a range of interventions
3.5 work in partnership with people, to encourage shared decision making, in order to support individuals, their families and carers to manage their own care when appropriate;
3.20 understand and apply the principles and processes for making reasonable adjustments;
4.3 understand and apply the principles of human factors and enviIonmem.∎ 4vhen working in

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