Workshop #7

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Enterprise Security & Governance
Workshop #7
❑ This week we had a look at data lake and the effects it has to information
security. As we know, data has a lot of influence within information security, this is
because data is the basis of information which is what we are trying to protect.
Therefore, we can say that data is an important object even in its raw form.
❑In this week’s workshop, we will be exploring the security and usage of data
lakes. As you have seen in the lecture, the Conversation Article talks about how
data lake is misused by many companies, which is then exploited by cyber
criminals that may not have the best intent.
❑ Examine the article closely
❑ List down the things that you think may put private data at risk
❑ Try and answer these questions:
❑ In your opinion, how would you mitigate or eliminate the risks of private
data leaks?
❑ How can we stop major companies from dumping possibly private data to
the data lake?
❑ What to do if you suspect your data has been collected from the data lake?
❑ What is the difference between data lake and data warehouse?
❑ What is stored in the data warehouse? Data or Information?
❑ Company X is operating an e-commerce business and with a huge
customer base. Due to its popular demand, the company has embraced
the data lake service and appointed a Chief Data Officer.
❑ The Chief Data Officer only focuses on analytics part, however, one fine
morning, it is found that almost half of the data stored in the lake are
❑ What went wrong and how to manage the situation now to keep the
business running? Feel free to assume and justify your answer with
appropriate references in no more than 500 words.
❑ What are the top 3 data lake service available now?
Enterprise IoT…
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