Workplace Consultant

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Assessment tasks details and instructions
You are a Workplace Consultant that has been asked to conduct a workplace review of a local business
of your choice. As part of this work, you will produce a promotional video for a desired and
recommended ‘Digital Workplace’, together with your storytelling storyboard for your video design.
Additionally, you will be asked to create a reflective infographic on one of the seminar topics given
throughout the module.
This assignment should be based on the review, that you conducted for the Assessment 1 and please
consider the feedback received on your work.
You are required to produce the following elements:
Promotional video of your digital workplace (60%)
You are required to produce a short promotional video (roughly 2-3 minutes) to indicate and promote
your recommended digital workplace for your chosen case study. The video should also include results of
the research conducted in Assignment 1, such as primary data gathered to understand the human
perspective of working in the digital workplace and horizon scanning of relevant emerging technologies,
trends etc. and the recommended solutions
You are required to apply video design and editing technologies. Animations can be used in the video, but
other multimedia elements should also be considered. A good video should also include proper title/credit
page, background sound and subtitles. I::….:

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