Working with international Compensation

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For every element you have to provide in-text reference in the table so that Instructor can
backtrack the information for cross reference
You must include title page and list of references. NUMBER the references in your list. No
need for abstract & introduction just start your analysis with the table.
Individual Exercise: Working with international Compensation/taxation
Differences – 12% – Due in Week 8
For the sake of exercise students will consider Canada as their home country. Students will be
selecting 1.their dream role/job and 2. Their dream country – this would be a country that you have
always wanted to move to (make sure it’s not Canada) – make sure you are converting your preferred
destination currency into CAD for easy calculations; For example if your dream country is USA and
you will earn 7000USD annually for your preferred job you will convert 70000USD into CAD
Now look at the average salary for your selected job title in both Canada and your dream
Look at the tax bracket for your job title in both Canada and your preferred location (this will
help you understand how much would you be taxed in both countries)
Calculate COLA (Cost of living) not for countries but for cities; for instance Vancouver v/s
Los Angeles and so on. Do not rely on websites that give you exact figure for cost of living
instantly such as Numbeo, Expatistan etc., as there data is not reliable and you are required to
perform your own search. COLA – add any items that you think should be included in cost of
living – Remember, the most concrete your item list is the better.
In the end calculate your Earnings after taxes and all necessary expenses – savings –
For your clarity I have added a table below to simplify your calculations – Remember, this is
just a template you don’t have to blindly follow it – show your creativity
HR Consultant – Vancouver Canada – home
HR consultant LA, USA
Avg yearly salary
Avg yearly salary
Taxes – think of all the
Taxes – think of all the
deductions applicable
deductions applicable in the host country
COLA – add any items that you think
should be included in cost of living – Keep
in mind your family size
Conclusion: Based on your results write a conclusion as to whether or not you are
moving to your dream country – strictly one paragraph not more than 3 quarters of a
The correct file type is Word only. No EXCEL files will be accepted
You must include title page and list of references. NUMBER the references in your
No abstract, no introduction/this is an exercise not a paper
Assessment Criteria: You will be marked based on how accurate your figures are, how thorough
your analysis is and how creative and well researched your table is. Assessment will also include how
well written and creative your conclusion is. You can add/include qualitative aspects of your analysis
in the conclusion.
Use at least 20 reliable links to support your information, include all your sources of information that
you have used to gather the numbers/figures along with hyperlinks that instructor can access. For
every element of your analysis provide a hyperlink. For instance if you have 5 links only in your
reference list it easily shows that your paper is not well researched. DO NOT include hyperlinks in the
table they will be given in list of references.

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