Wine Problem

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) Wine Problem. THE first attribute is the class. The remaining attributes are the values of various chemical measurements of the soil where the grapes originated. Your task is to create a classifier capable of classifying an unknown wine (given a vector of these chemical measurements) into one of the given classes. Use whatever technique you wish. What class do these belong to:
 Use the IRIS data set available in the WEEK 1 data source link and use MBR(K-NN) to tell me what type of Iris this is:
1) Hadoop  – write a small report on how Hadoop can be applied in Data Mining. Please make this your own instead of simply downloading someone else’s ideas. This way, you wil be able to speak sincerely about hadoop in an interview rather than sound uninformed. In the technical world, it’s much better to know a little solidly and have real understanding rather than spout a lot of sound bites.
(2) Business Uses of Data Mining – research this on you own write a small essay on how data mining can help universities be more effective

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