What is meant by the Net Present Value technique?

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1. Why are capital budgeting decisions important for a business firm? Discuss their concept and significance (5 marks) 2. Discuss the types of information generally required for evaluating the capital budgeting decisions of a firm from a financial standpoint. (5 marks) 3. What is meant by the Net Present Value (NPV) technique? Discuss its key assumptions and calculation methodology (including an estimation of the discount rate). (5 marks) 4. Explain the concept of the Internal Rate of Return (IRR). What is the criterion generally used by firms while accepting or rejecting a capital budgeting project on the basis of the IRR technique? (5 marks) 5. On the basis of the financial information given in the case, calculate the after-tax operating cash flows, NPV, and IRR under the Optimistic and Expected scenarios. Clearly specify the calculations required for the same. (40 marks) 6. Based on your analysis, as Boon Mee, what recommendation would you make on whether the company should undertake the project or not? Clearly specify the decision based on both the NPV technique as well as the IRR criterion. (10 marks)

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