What is Alex’s taxable income?

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Alex is resident of the UK for tax purposes. He lives in Australia and had $90,000 assessable income
from Australian sources in 2019/2020. He does not have any allowable deductions.
a- What is Alex’s taxable income?
b- Calculate Alex’s tax payable.
Week 2 Question (10 marks)
Anna is a fitness consultant operating as a sole trader. Anna recently completed two fitness contracts
for two of her clients.
In her first contract, Anna provided a 10-hour fitness training course to her client, Sam. Anna charged
$1,000 for her fitness training course. This included fitness training materials that cost Anna $100.
In her second contract, Anna provided fitness video tutorials for a client, Lilly. Anna charged $1,000 in
total. This included $200 to cover the cost of the video recording materials.
With reference to the relevant legislation and/or case law, discuss whether or not these receipts are
Anna’s income from personal services.

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