Using Gibb’s Reflective Cycle

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Article Review Using Gibb’s Reflective Cycle
Requirements APA STYLE
1. Brief Introduction to Gibbs’ Cycle of reflection, How it is used to review articles
2.  Abstract
3.  Introduction
4.  Body( According to rules of Gibbs cycle) (Give personal examples and references) 
a) Description
b) Feelings
c) Evaluation
d) Analysis 
e) Conclusion
f) Action Plan
5. Critically analyze the article using Elements of Thoughts i.e
The purpose should be clear, Clarity is the main motive
Accuracy: Information provided should be accurate 
Depth: Deeply review and criticize the article, 
Logic: Entire article should be logically organized
6. Conclusion
7. References at least 8 ( References should be from peer-review articles, textbooks, journals )
8. NOTE: All references MUST HAVE: authors, publication dates, and publishers. “Anonymous” authors and sources without dates or publishers will not be accepted as valid sources and marks will be deducted.
1. Read ed article called “Business Leadership: Three Levels of Ethical Analysis” and write an article review discussing your understanding of the model presented and how it relates to leadership. 
2. Write the article as if you are the author; everywhere introduce yourself as the author eg.
The author believes…
The author criticizes….. etc
3. Use the Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle to discuss concepts in the article and relate them to how you personally deal with these types of situations. 
4. Provide an example(s) to substantiate and analyze concepts from the Three Levels of Ethical Analysis paper. 
5. Discuss how your actions relate to the three levels in the paper. 

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