use any of the resources in the course

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Part B: Quiz
Over Week 10 you will need to complete a quiz within 60 minutes. Once you start the quiz you will have 60 minutes to complete your responses. The quiz is open book, which means that you can use any of the resources in the course during the quiz and use the electronic copies as well. You should be able to download each of the concept (lecture) slides as a .pdf document.  There should be a ‘Slides and Notes’ hyperlink for each of the topic videos. The quiz will include only written answer questions. Randomisation will be used so that each students’ quiz will be slightly different. Make sure you provide enough relevant information and answer all the question to maximise your marks. The topics assessed in this quiz cover various topics over the 10 weeks and include mostly the following:
Week 1 – Planning and Documentation.
Week 3 – Foundations.
Week 4 – Floor and Wall Framing Systems.
Week 7 – Wall Claddings, Linings and Finishes.

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