unethical consequences of such actions

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and profit? What are the unethical consequences of such actions?
What can businesses do to overcome and eliminate corruption and unethical business affairs within their organisation while operating globally? Refer to universal existing practices and guidelines discussed in the textbook. In your presentation, you must focus on the above key questions and provide answers, solutions, recommendations, and suggestions based on the relevant key topics, theories and concepts covered in this course. Using the textbook to support your answers is recommended as well as other literature researched. All sources need to be referenced with in-text citations on the slides as well as a reference list at the end. You need to use APA7 style referencing throughout. You are also expected to use real and relevant examples to support your answers. The slides should include key points which are discussed and elaborated on in your voice over recording. Your oral recording includes the detail but should not exceed 10minutes.
Please follow these steps when submitting your presentation and recording: 1. Design a Power Point deck of slides – similar to what you would have done if presenting in class. Submit this to Turnitin.
Record an AUDIO FILE of your presentation. This can be done in various formats; although the MP3 file format is most commonly used and if compressed is a smaller file than an uncompressed audio or video file. 3. Email the audio file to your lecturer at their excelsia.edu.au email address. (Outlook can allow 32MB). If you are unable to attach the file due to size then you can use either Mailbigfile or WeTransfer to send the file.

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