understand the legislative requirement

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Practice Task 1
1.  Briefly explain why it is important for workers to understand the legislative requirement of their job role.This is important for an effective health and safety management and to provide a safe working environment for everyone in the workplace.2.  How is WHS information communicated to workers at your service?It is set out in written or verbal in a meeting where we are explained about this. If ever there were any staff absent for the meeting then it is the responsibility of those present to pass it on to others.3.  How are workers informed of their legal obligations and  rights?It is the responsibility of the centre director to make the workers aware of their obligations and rights.4.  Do you think these methods of communication are adequate? Explain your reason.Yes because it is easier to understand and explain the situation to the people we feel comfortable with.Practice Task 2
1. Use the case study about Sam to complete and incident, injury, trauma and illness report based on the example provided from ACECQA.
2.  Use the sample hazard checklist to carry out a safety/hazard check at your workplace.
Practice Task 31.  Education and care services National Regulation 101 outlines the risk assessment that must be completed prior to an excursion.  What consideration are listed?
•    the proposed route and destination for the excursion
•    any water hazards and risks associated with water based activities
•    the method of transport
•    the number of adults and children involved in the excursion
•    given the risk/s posed, the number of educators or other responsible adults that is appropriate     to provide supervision and whether any specialised skills are required to ensure children’s safety
•    the proposed activities
•    the likely length of time of the excursion
•    the items that should be taken on the excursion.

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