Tutor or Convenor at least several week

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Brief description:
Essay Questions: Utilise ONE of the essay questions, which will be posted on
iLearn (N.B: you cannot write your essay on the same question as the question
you chose for your Briefing Paper). You may make minor adjustments to the
question you wish to address in your essay. However, you MUST seek prior
approval to do so from your Tutor or Convenor at least several weeks before the
due date and indicate on the cover page of your essay that approval has been
The marking criteria for the essays will be as follows:
Argument: Extent to which the essay answers a question, reasoning behind the
argument (explanation of a puzzle or problem and its significance in an academic
context), consistency of the argument, clarity of the argument
Analysis: Understanding of key concepts, capacity to critically examine the
subject matter, consideration of other arguments, use of empirical examples to
illustrate key points
Structure/Organisation: Quality of the introduction and conclusion, sequencing
of key points, logical division into sections, consistency and flow of the
Referencing: Use of sources, citation of work consulted, evidence of extensive
reading and engagement with appropriate literature drawn from the course outline
but also independent research, quality of the bibliography
Grammar, Spelling, and Expression: Style, grammar, and general use of
You are expected to follow standard essay writing form and practice. Follow one
consistent referencing system (either Harvard or the footnote system) and if you wish to
add ‘notes’ in addition to the main text, use footnotes rather than endnotes. A
bibliography must be included. A minimum of 6 sources from the course’s essential
reading and/or additional sources should be used in a substantive manner.

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