THT3119 Project and Events Management

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Course: Bachelor in hospitality and tourism
Assessment: 2 a Poster video presentation
Subject; THT3119 Project and Events Management
College: Academies Australasia Polytechinic
For assess: Go to aapoly LMS
Username: 201963957
P: Behappy1234
Task Description
Students are required to do a video power point poster presentation following the research on the selected topic from the below list of examples provided. The presentation must be recorded and must reflect on the below topics. The selected event should be from Australia. 
Task Requirements
Instructions for the Concept Design of an Event Project are as follows.
You are required to develop a vedio presentation on Concept Design of an Event Project of your choice. Students MUST advise their lecturer/tutor on their choice of EVENT before commencing their presentation plans before Week-4 (Sunday April 18th, 2021). Students can select a range of events for this subject from the examples-:
1.    Sporting event
2.    Tourism/Hospitality Conferences
3.    Tourism/Hospitality Networking event
4.    Tourism/Hospitality product Exhibitions and trade show
5.    Cultural event
6.    Festival event
7.    Cultural Food Festival
8.    Music/Entertainment Event
Assessment Criteria
Your Poster should address following criteria:
1. Assess the client (event host) needs, wants and expectations for the event. 
2. Identify the audience/attendees requirements and their motivational factors for the event. 
3. Analyze event markets, market demand and event experiences from the event project manager perspective. 
4. Develop the Event, scope, strategy; vision, mission & objectives; the strategic role of the event. 
5. Recognize and classify the internal and external stakeholders for the event. 
6. Estimate the Event Budget (income and expenditure) and “Event Planning Timelines” (milestones and critical deadlines). 
7. Design the Event Concept/Theme/Format and Layout. 
8. Create Pre-event information for attendees (Event Marketing Flyers). 
9. Plan the Event Logistics (Catering, Artists, entrainment & speakers, Decoration, Sound and lights, Audio-visuals and special effects) and operations (specific tasks and action items, recruiting & staffing, team communications, reporting and meeting expectations). 
10. Critique and Leverage the Event Concept/Theme/Format and Logistics in relation to customer (event host) & attendees (event guests/visitor) satisfaction that will safeguard the success of your event. 
You must demonstrate an understanding of event strategy; vision, mission & objectives; the strategic role of events.
Video Length: 7-10 MINS
Maximum of 2 Poster Pages Only
Note; It is a hospitality and tourism course so all assessment should be about hospitality and tourism field.
As it is a video poster presentation for 7-10 mins and you can only make a poster, I would like you to write down the presentation on a separate word file so I can do the video presentation from your explanation afterwards.

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