thorough review of their current situation

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Assignment details
Select a FTSE 100/250 company of your
choice and conduct a thorough review of
their current situation and their future
prospects. This review should include an
analysis of their current strategy.
Based on your analysis, suggest a strategy
for the next 5 years for this company. The
actual content of the strategy will include a
vision statement, mission statement and
selected elements that have been studies on
the module, you do not have to include
everything that has been studied, instead
select the elements which are most
appropriate to your organization.
Alongside the strategy, please provide a
commentary (using appropriate academic
sources) justifying the strategy.
Your report should be 3000 words long,
which does not include bibliography and
You are to submit the individual report
through Turnitin on Canvas no later than
26th April 2021
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