Thermodynamic data

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For nonylglucoside, NG, thermodynamic data for demicellization in water are presented in problem 17.26. Model the micelle reaction as nS ⇄  Mn where S is free surfactant and Mn is a micelle. Treat the solution as an ideal solution. Vary the total concentration of NG from 0 up to 20 mmol/L. Water is 55.5 mol/L. Calculate mole fractions and molar concentrations (mmol/L) of the free surfactant (in mM) and the micelles (in uM) of NG at T=285 K, where n = 58.  Plot curves for the concentrations. Identify the approximate CMC in mmol/ L. Hint to simplify calculations: The mol/L added is very small relative water molarity (55.5 mol/L). The density can be assumed to be constant.

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