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Patient 1 Mrs Peterson is asking for help to the ensuite to use her bowels. You know Mrs Peterson had a stroke 2 weeks ago and has a moderate left hemiplegia and needs assistance to move. She is classified as a high falls risk.
Patient 2 Mrs Walters is going to theatre at 0800 and is not yet ready, your colleague has come into the room to tell you that theatre have phoned calling for the patient.
Patient 3 Mr Young is nil by mouth and has IV therapy running at 167mIs per hour. The infusion pump alarm is sounding and the IV flask appears to be close to empty. Mr Young is also complaining of pain.
Patient 4 Mr Stavropoulous has been admitted for acute asthma. He is due for Ventolin and Prednisolone at 0800. His BGL at 0700 was 4.6mmo1/1.
The ANUM is searching for Mrs Walters pre-operative checklist and wants to know if you have seen it.
In what order would you address these requests? Describe your rationale for each decision. (400 words)
Part 4
What are the barriers and facilitators that influence team performance in this example? Consider leadership style. communication styles and team cohesion in your answer (Use evidence to support your work). (400 words)
Part 5
Write a reflection based on the way that your team functioned to respond to the requirements’ of this assessment. You should think about inquiry-based learning as you consider the alternatives

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