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THEORY ACTIVITIESCPPDSM4080A – THEORY ACTIVITIES – Working in the real estateindustryQ 1: Briefly discuss the agency-principal relationship in the real estatebusiness.Q 2: Briefly discuss the roles and responsibilities of an Auctioneer in the realestate industry.Q 3: List the key operations performed by a real estate agency.Q 4: Briefly discuss the organisational structure of a real estate agency.Q 5: Write at least three legislative guidelines regarding misleading anddeceptive conduct of estate agents.Q 6: Write down at least three standards for ethical practice in the real estateindustry, provided by the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA).Q 7: What are the licensing and eligibility requirements for licensed realestate agents in Australia?Q 8: What does the Australian law say regarding the offence of gainingbeneficial interest in real estate by the real estate agent?Q 9: What is real estate agents’ obligations regarding consumer protectiondirected by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)?Q 10: List the types of trust funds recognised by Australia.Q 11: Briefly discuss some of the most important roles and responsibilities ofthe Australian Government regarding Commonwealth propertymanagement.Q 12. Briefly discuss the legislative obligations of handling trust money forreal estate.Q 13: Briefly discuss under what situations the specialist advice isrecommended in a real estate agency?Q 14: Briefly discuss the monetary penalties under the estate agents act ofconsumer affairs Victoria for an unlicensed real estate agent or acorporation.Q 15: What is an agent’s liability for torts and contracts according to thelegislation of Australia?Q 16: Briefly discuss the importance of understanding the ethics and conductstandards within a real estate agency.Q 17: List at least four scenarios where advice from a specialist isrecommended for the real estate business.Q 18: It is necessary to achieve Certificate IV in Property Service beforegetting employed in a real estate agency. What skills does Certificate IV inProperty Service develop?Q 19: List the responsibilities of a property manager in a property agency.Q 20: Briefly discuss the most efficient ways of building rapport with clients.Q 21: Briefly discuss some of the efficient ways of imparting a good firstimpression.Q 22: Write down the key skills required to manage and schedule the tasksrelated to the real estate industry in an organised way?Q 23: Briefly discuss the significance of training in a real estate agency.

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