theoretical concepts in dynamics

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be no more than five pages; the references and optional MATLAB code appendix are not part of the five-page limit. The report should have your name and SID clearly written at the top. You will submit this report using Turnitin on the course’s Canvas site by Saturday 5th June 11:59pm.
Assessment Criteria:
• Report and Written communication (30%) o Has the problem/system been clearly described and presented? o Have the chosen theoretical concepts in dynamics been properly explained? o Has research on the system considered been performed and appropriate reference to external sources made (e.g. textbooks, websites, journal/conference articles etc.)? • Application of dynamics principles to your chosen problem/system (40%) o Has an appropriate theoretical model for the behavior of the system under consideration been developed? Have appropriate approximations been made? o Have schematics of the system and freebody diagrams been developed and clearly presented? o Are the equations/theory correctly applied to develop equations of motion for the system, or to evaluate specific motion cases? • Depth, detail and creativity (30%) o Has the system been considered in an appropriate level of detail? o Have numerical modeling techniques/simulation or other physical experiments been recorded to validate the proposed motion of the system detailed in the example and results?
Other Important Points:
• When presenting calculations and • Show only ulagrams with relevant variables indicatea .., (use SI units unless otherwise specified) You may submit working using either (a) typed mathematical symbols (LaTeX/Microsoft equations etc.) and computer-drawn diagrams or (b) handwritten working and diagrams that will be scanned or photographed for electronic submission. o Ensure scanned/photographed working is legible. If the tutor cannot read your work, you will receive zero marks for tha. section of the report. ‘d nlots must be clearly titled, with corrP^. ,e of axis labels an. • Any sections of written text in the report must be in a machine-readable format (i.e. no scanned hand written text in your report, must by typed) • When presenting MATLAB code in your appendix, comment your code thoroughly and perform important steps in the calculations on separate lines of code
Suggested Systems System A: Roller Coaster Vertical Loop Dorixo a roller coaster ride. a vertical

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