the work to satisfactorily apply theory

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For the work to satisfactorily apply theory, it must demonstrate an understanding of the concepts and frameworks outlined in the four chapters that relate to the four analyses (Chapters 3-6). The selection of careful information sources is critical. Students should consult a range of contemporary sources (e.g. company annual reports and media commentary on the organisation and the industry sector within which it operates, particularly business media, e.g. ABC news online, The Australian Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald).
500 words maximum per part in length excluding cover page, references, diagrams, charts, etc. Start each analysis on a new/separate page.
Note: Marking will be stopped at the above-indicated maximum and no more content read or marked if exceeded the maximum.
In assigned tutorials, students are required to participate in active-learning prepared tasks and assigned case study analyses and discussion.
Marks will be awarded to students who demonstrate the evidence of completin assigned tasks and readings, conducting relevant research, understanding of marketing strategy conc.. t th.”ri.e “‘” frameworks,

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