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Identify the unique purpose of nursing that is NOT performed by any other profession. What do nurses do that no other profession or discipline is dedicated to perform? Identify this concept and link it to a concept in any theoretical framework.
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For instance, any social laborer working with youngsters must know about the Children Act 1989. The point of the demonstration is to rearrange the law identifying with youngsters, making the law increasingly suitable by making it kid focused. It advances a “no organization guideline” in that it is regarded to be in the kids’ eventual benefits for issues to be concurred between parties as opposed to include the courts. Notwithstanding, there are an assortment of requests contained inside the demonstration and the courts will make a request when it is fulfilled that creation one is preferable for the kid over not making such a request. All kid insurance work must be done inside the setting of the Children’s Act 1989 and it is basic that social specialists associated with this field have sound information on the requests it contains to have the option to rehearse all the more viably and inside the law. The Children Act 1989 has territories which correspond to both ‘open’ and ‘private’ law. Private law covers issues, for example, separation or disagreements about which parent a kid ought to dwell with. Open law sets obligations for the neighborhood position to offer types of assistance for a youngster ‘out of luck’ or ‘in danger’. “A similar basic standards apply in both private and open law; that is, the government assistance of the kid is foremost” (exercise manual 2 p.18). The Children’s Act 1989 looks to offer more prominent security to youngsters. Notwithstanding, there may in some cases be strife between social work esteems and the law, for instance the Crime and Disorder Act 1998. The course peruser (p220) depicts the chief point of the CDA 1998 (s.37) as the “counteraction of culpable by youngsters and youthful people”. “Since the presentation of the CDA 1998, youth equity strategy in England and Scotland has wandered with an evidently more prominent spotlight on a ‘justdeserts’ way to deal with youngster affronting in England” (Social Work, Themes, Issues and Critical Debates p.276). This could make a situation for the social specialist who inside the Children Act 1989 considers the to be of the kid as the primary need, a kid in a tough situation is regularly a kid out of luck. Many help clients are somehow or another hindered and may have had t>

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