the inaugural Singapore Cofee Festival

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A�out ‰Š,ŠŠŠ cofee lovers turned out for the inaugural Singapore Cofee Festival, a fourda� event �hich ended �esterda�.
�his featured over �00 cafes, specialit� �re�ers, cofee roasters, restaurants and fashion retailers across t�o floors of the F� Pit Building.
delivered Ms exceeded Goh �ee an all authentic expectations. �ang, general experience, It manager �as heartening she �consumer) said of to the see of event, such Sphere enthusiasm �hich Exhi�its, �as presented the to support Singapore �� the DBS Press Singaporean and Holdings hosted cofee �� su�sidiar� �he scene. Straits �hich I �elieve �imes. organised �eve achieved the event, �hat said �e the set turnout out to do and
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