the articles on mass incarceration

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Review the following chart, read the articles on mass incarceration, and watch the videos. Then, answer the questions below.
You have learned about the US approach to criminal justice.You have also learned about Norway’s criminal justice system, which imposes a maximum sentence of 21 years for most crimes.The US and Norway’s approach to criminal justice seem to be polar opposites.
1. What should be the goals of the United States criminal justice system?
1a. Do you agree with the retributive/punitive model of justice or the restorative model or justice?
1b.Should the US criminal justice system remain as it is or move to somewhere else on the criminal justice continuum? If so, where?
Topics that you may consider: Victim reparation/restitution, just and fair laws, just and fair sentencing, rehabilitation, punishment, deterrence, public safety, community health, cruel and unusual punishment, and prisoner rights. (United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners (the Mandela Rules)
2.What rights should be taken away as a result of a felony conviction? (after the inmate has served their time) ?
3.What are the effects of mass incarceration on communities, which have high incarceration rates?
4. Should the criminal justice system be concerned with reintegrating felons into society? Why? Why not?
Please watch one of the videos (44min) from the show ‘The Redemption Project with Van Jones’ ( links provided below). Then, answer the questions listed below.
Show Description ( taken from Its website)
The Redemption Project with Van Jones, is a documentary series that focuses on the pain and potential of victim-offender dialogues.While other documentary programs focus on brutal crimes and the immediate aftermath of them, this one focuses on the long-term impact of those crimes on families, victims and the assailants themselves.
Stories from CNN’s Redemption Project
Ashlee Stoke’s Story
Gunner Johnson’s Story
LoEshe Lacy’s Story
What are your thoughts on the story that you watched? Include the names of the people involved. You should demonstrate that you watched the documentary.If you do not demonstrate that you watched the documentary, then you will not receive any points for the extra credit assignment.
Should programs like the one shown in the Redemption Project be implemented in the US? To what extent would a program like the one shown in the Redemption Project work in the United States on a larger scale?

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