TeX typesetting system

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LaTeX WorkshopRodrigo N. CalheirosJuly 2017Introduction• 1978: TeX typesetting system• By Donald Knuth (Turing award recipient)• No separation between content and formatting• 1980’s: LaTeX• By Leslie Lamport (event ordering in DS, byzantine failures…)• Separation between content and formatting• Current version: 2e• Version 3 under development since 90’s, never completeddocumentclassarticlebegindocumentHello world!enddocumentA simple (working) exampleA simple (working) exampledocumentclassarticlebegindocumentHello world!enddocumentFile content• Preamble: definition of style, formatting options, packages, andmeta-data● Body: content● Commands:–Case sensitive–Start with –Mandatory arguments: between–Optional arguments: between []● Special characters: # $ % ^ & _ ~ –Need to be escaped with ● Comment lines: start with %Preamble● Starts with documentclass and finishes beforebegindocument● documentclass[a4paper,12pt,oneside]articleOptional arguments:– paper side: letterpaper, a4paper, a5paper…– font size: 10pt, 11pt, 12pt– print on both sides? oneside, twosides– onecolumn, twocolumns:Document style (cls file)Defaults:– article– book– report:Preamble• usepackagename• usepackage[options]{name]● .sty files in the same directory than the tex file (or in the latexinstallation directory)● Useful ones:–cite–algortihm2e–graphicx–subfigure–amsmath–urlPreamble● Document metadata• Authors• Date• Title• Affiliation/Address● Command definitions● Hyphenation rulesDocument body● Between begindocument and enddocument● Basic “text unit”: paragraph–LaTeX decides about spacing between characters and linebreaks within a paragraph–Empty line separates paragraphs–Single line break counts as a space–Multiple line spaces are ignored● quad qquad for forcing extra space between words–Explicit line break:\ or linespace–Quotation marks:` and ‘–Dashes– — —Document body● Text styles…–Bold: textbftext–Italic: emphtext–Verbatim: texttt+text+● Chapters, sections, subsectionschapter[TOC title]Titlesection subsection subsubsection paragraphchapter* section* subsection* subsubsection* paragraph*● Cross-referenceslabelblahrefblahDocument body● FootnotesfootnoteText.● Environmentsbeginitemize
item Bullet linesenditemize
● Bullet lines;
The same for enumerate (numbered lines)begindescriptionitem[Item 1.] Rest of textenddescriptionItem 1. Rest of text;Document body● Equations–Numbered equation:beginequationequationendequation–Un-numbered equation:[ equation ]–In line equations:$equation$● Useful symbols:_ ^ (subscript and superscript)fracnumden sum_down^up main timesalpha beta…overrightarrowa: for vectorsbinomnk, approx partial and many othersDocument body● Figures–Latex: eps–pdfLatex: png, pdfbeginfigure[!t]includegraphics[width=0.5linewidth]filenamecaption[LOF caption]Caption on bottom.labellabelendfigure●Other optional parameters: rotate, crop…Must always come after caption
Hints for figure placement.Other options: hbp
Document body● Tablesbegintable[!t]captionTable captions go on top!labellabel<tabular>endtable[!t] Optional
, similar to the figure cas
Document body● Tabularbegintabularl \1 & 2 & 3 \4 & 5 & 6 \endtabular–Horizontal line: hline–Partial line: cline2-3–Merging columns:multicolumn2cText.
One per columndraws vertical line
Bibliographycitekeybibliographystyleplainbibliographyfile@ARTICLEbuyya:09,author = Rajkumar Buyya and others,title = Cloud computing and emerging IT platforms: Vision, hype, and reality for delivering computing asthe 5th utility,journal = Future Generation Computer Systems,volume = 25,number = 6,year = 2009,pages = 599–616,month = Jun.,publisher = Elsevier
efined in the bib file
Defines bibliography formating
@inproceedings, @book,, @misc, @incollection
@technicalreportCompilingfile.texpdflatex file.tex
bibtex file
pdflatex file.texpdflatex file.texfile.pdffigs.jpgfile.bibUseful toolsLaTeX editors:–Texmaker–TexStudio● JabRef (references management)Useful resources● The not so Short Introduction to LaTeX2e–tobi.oetiker.ch/lshort/lshort.pdf● LaTeX wikibooks–http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX● The LaTeX Companion 2nd ed.● LaTeX: A Document Preparation System 2nd ed.

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