Sustainable Business

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Assessment 2
SEMESTER 1 2020/21
MODULE TITLE: Sustainable Business
SUBMISSION DATE: Tuesday 15thDecember 2020 by 13.00 hours
Feedback will be in Week commencing 25thJanuary 2021 through Blackboard
This assessment is worth 75% of the marks for this module
Submit coursework by the due time and date as instructed on the module blackboard site. You are strongly advised not to leave your hand-in until the deadline as this can result in lateness penalties due to many unforeseen circumstances including queues, PC problems, file problems etc.
Learning Outcomes addressed
Critically evaluate and select suitable business processes to facilitate sustainability within a business organisation that operates in a global context.
Have the competencies to be a digitally literate professional.
The Portfolio is the final assessment on the module and requires you to build on your work in the formative assessment. You need to:
Submit a 2000-word report (excluding references, tables and diagrams) evaluating how your selected business process in your chosen organisation facilitates improvements in Sustainability performance. This can be either Social or Environmental performance in your chosen company, as chosen by you for the formative assessment. You will have received feedback on your formative assessment and your work can be amended here in line with this feedback’
Submit your work on exploring the social media data set on a Sustainability topic of your choice, showing the work you have done in creating data visualisations and analysing your results. (1000 words excluding diagrams).
The two items above need to be submitted as ONE overall report in MS Word or pdf format only.
Additional submission of your TAGs spreadsheet is required. This is not assessed. It is required for purposes of validating your submitted work. However, Non-Submission of the spreadsheet will result in TEN marks being deducted from your Analysis of your Social Media Data Set.
Weightings for each item are shown below.
Guidance: Note that further video guidance will also support you in your work.
2000 word report (60%)
This report addresses evaluation of your chosen business process and how it has helped your chosen company improve its Sustainability performance. The report should represent an evaluation of performance through critical evaluation of secondary data sources. A suggested structure and word count allocation is given below:
Introduction clearly setting out the report contents. (100 words)
Methodology for searches of the academic literature and other sources (250 words)
Company overview (200 words)
Sustainability Performance Data for the chosen process you are evaluating (200 words and ideally, data presentation should be in tables not included in word count)
Critical evaluation of your process and how it has improved company sustainability performance. (900 words)
Recommendations for further improvement (200 words)
Conclusions (150 words)
References (single reference list at the end of document and NOT included in the word count)
Analysis of Social Media Data Set (1000 words, 40%)
Through the workshops on the module, you will have gathered a substantial and unique data set on social media related to your chosen Sustainability topic for the workshop work. Your topic can differ from your report focus but must relate to sustainability. You will have established a collection of data visualisations of your data set using Tableau Software OR Excel. You are required to produce a critical analysis of your results. In order to do this, you must select the most pertinent visualisations you have produced – no more than SIX figures are expected. The report structure with word count guidance is:
Introduction – a brief overview of the contents of your analysis. (100 words)
Search Methodology – an explanation of your search terms, building on your work in the formative assessment and an explanation of limitations of your analysis. (200 words
Presentation of Results and critical analysis (550 words). Presentation of data visualisations MUST follow the naming conventions for each Figure covered in the workshops.
Conclusions (150 words).
References (single reference list at the end of document for both sections).
Students often ask why we use Twitter. You are not learning Twitter, but in Sustainability, which as you know is an incredibly fast-moving topic, we need you to collect current data and analyse it and the Twitter platform support this. The skills you will develop in collecting, analysing and presenting your large data set are all highly transferable to a variety of other platforms and topics. It is important that you can articulate these for employability.
A note on Word Count
The overall word count is 3000 words. Guidance on using this is given above but students may deviate from this if they wish so for example, students can split the two pieces of work in the Portfolio 2200 words: 800 words. It is recommended however, that you do not deviate too much as this will impact on marks awarded for evaluation or analysis – you need to ensure you have enough word count to do this well in both pieces of work in the portfolio.
Single-spaced, 12-point text, standard margins.
References should be in a single list in Alphabetical order. Do not keep web references separate, do not forget the access dates for the latter.
Report Structure/Layout:
Title page – Title of your report
Contents Page
Report (2000 words)
Analysis of Social Media Conversations (1000 words)
Assessment Criteria
The marking rubric to be used to assess the portfolio will be placed on the module Blackboard site in the Assessment Area.
Electronic Submission of Coursework Unless explicitly stated otherwise in writing by the module leader, all coursework on this module is submitted via Blackboard only. It will automatically be scanned through a text matching system (designed to check for possible plagiarism).
To submit your assignment:
Log on to Blackboard at;
Go to the relevant module Blackboard site;
Click on the ‘Submit Coursework’ link in the navigation menu on the left-hand side, or as advised by the module teaching team;
Click on the link for the relevant assignment;
Follow the instructions.
You have been given details by the module teaching team about how and when you will receive your marks and feedback on your work (see the module handbook)
It is a requirement that you submit your work in this way. All coursework must be submitted by 13.00 (1pm) on the due date. If you submit your coursework late but within 24 hours or one working day of the specified deadline, 10% of the overall marks available for that element of assessment will be deducted, as a penalty for late submission, except for work which is marked in the range 40 – 49%, in which case the mark will be capped at the pass mark (40%). If you submit your coursework more than 24 hours or more than one working day after the specified deadline you will be given a mark of zero for the work in question. The University’s mitigating circumstances procedures relating to the non-submission or late submission of coursework apply to all coursework.

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