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Student Name:____Rohit Shri Chand__ Student Number:_____10549197_____________________
What is the research problem/ issue you are trying to solve?
The research is based on the impact of this epidemic disease known as Covid-19, specifically on the education sector of the Ireland. As we all know that this pandemic has influenced our life in a major way. Although, I am most concerned about the education sector. Colleges and third level students were extremely affected by Covid-19. It has been a trouble for lot of international students in various countries including Ireland. The research includes information from students and professors from different institutions, to gather the effect of Covid-19 on both the parties. Not only the pupils and the teachers are affected, but also the stakeholders and owners of the schools and colleges. Moreover, we can’t ignore the impact it has on the leaders and makers of the next generation.
Why is this subject area/ topic interesting to you?
Being an Indian, I know how privileged I am to follow my education to master level. One of the major differences between developed countries like Ireland and countries like India is the Education system of the country. The 2020 education budget of Ireland shows the total investment of €11.1 billion on the education system of Ireland. On the other hand, India has allocated a sum of $7.74 billion for education. As the times and situations has changed, the education system is also modified accordingly, the impact of this epidemic disease on the education sector can affect the future of this country. Therefore, it is really significant to understand how those modifications are helping us.
Why do you think this subject area/ topic may be interesting to the business world? (Cite research to support your answer – at least 3 key research studies)
The world is greatly affected by the pandemic and it is enforcing the change not only in industrial sector but also in educational sector. The research critically analyses the changes made to the Irish education system and how are those changes will affect the future of those students and eventually of the country. Coronavirus Practice in Primary Schools in Ireland Report Over 2,800 grade school pioneers reacted to the review given on the 25th March, by the essential instruction partners – DES, IPPN, INTO, PDST and the administration bodies. The lavishness of the subsequent information, which has been dissected by Dr Jolanta Burke and Dr Majella Dempsey of Maynooth University (MU), will give a great deal of significant learning for partners as they refine support to schools in the coming days and weeks (Collado-Boira et al., 2020).
Irish education institutes have been closed since March 12 due to covid-19 pandemic. In order to mitigate the community transmission, the force closure has taken place across the globe. As per a UN News, nearly 190 countries have taken this measure for the education sector which has impacted around 1.5 billion school children (UNRIC, 2020).
What kind of people would you need to survey/ interview/ collect data from? (indicate the specific group(s) to be sampled, and the estimated sample size/ number of cases)
The primary population of the research includes 50 students and 5 different teachers. The data is taken to understand the issues between students and teachers and effects of covid-19 on them. The research also includes survey and interviews with the guardians and parents to understand the change in behaviour of the students due to the pandemic. The age of each participants would be between 35-50. All of them were interviewed with the same structure of questioners, where they were asked about the behaviour of the child before and after the pandemic and what are their expectation from the new way of teaching. For the survey, I will follow non-probability sampling technique as the sample will be selected in a random way. On the other hand, for the interview I will consider probability sampling technique as a couple of my friends are in the teaching profession therefore, I can ask them for further references. Apart from the interview transcripts, archived documents will also be reviewed critically to depict the pandemic impact on education. The obtained data will be analysed critically to evaluate the impact of the current precarious condition caused by Covid-19 on the education sector of Ireland.
What are the three most important questions you would pose to the respondents? (i.e. the key variables for your proposed study)
How do you think Covid-19 has affected the students? What is your outlook towards the new approaches of teachings? What is the apparent change in the behaviour of the students before and after the pandemic?
What will be the value of the information this study will generate?
The following study will provide awareness among teachers and third level students of the current situation. The information will provide a valuable data about the loopholes of current education system and same great insights about the impact of this epidemic disease on the education system. The information is taken from many students, who contributed by sharing conclusive criticism about the issue. It also includes a several opinions of professors in different expertise.
How is this study linked to your career/ future career?
Human resource management is about a strategic approach to manage the work and people in a company. The following research has given me some great insight about this industry. I’ve learnt that how can an external stimulus can affect the organisation and how much important it is to change the structure of the organisation accordingly.
Do you prefer working with numbers (quantitative) or words (qualitative)? (Explain your past experiences at undergraduate level etc. in relation to each approach).
I believe both qualitative and quantitative approach has benefits of their own. Some research requires great deal of facts and quantitative data. Some researcher uses quantitative approach and mathematical algorithms for different problems; however, I chose qualitative approach in this study with a set of open-ended questions, which assist me with a better understanding of the issue.
Supervisor Assessment of Summary:- How satisfied are you with the detail provided by your supervisee in terms of justifying their proposed research? [from 0 to 10, not satisfied at all (0) to extremely satisfied (10) indicate your score out of 10 on the line below) _____________ Comments:
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