Students are requested to read widely

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Students are requested to read widely and answer the following questions on project management. Furthermore, students are required to integrate theory and practise in their answers. The exarniner will take into consideration the links between theory and practice and finally the synthesis of the discussion. Students should support their discussions with tables, figures and graphs where possible. Consider the scenario that you are a project manager in the South African department of Transport. The minister of transport, Fikile Mbalula has summoned you to his office to discuss a high profile road construction and revamp project in Soweto. The project entails the upgrade of a dilapidated road called Thabo Mbeki Street (note, this is a fictitious street name) where numerous accidents have occurred where people have lost their lives. There is subsequently a huge outcry by the residents, road users and civil society in general about the lack of respect for the department of transport for the loss of lives. The project has thus been prioritised as urgent by the minister. The minister has given you a run-down on the urgency of the project and has instructed you to ensure that you deliver the project within time, cost, resources and quality. You have been promised to be promoted to deputy director in the minister’s office if you deliver the project successfully. You have three rnonths to deliver this project and failure is not an option. The road construction and revamp includes but not limited to preparing the surface, resurfacing (tarring) the road, marking the road, providing road signs, with the least inconvenience to the road users. You are required to undertake some research in order to understand the construction and revamp of roads from a project perspective. This will help enhance the application of project theory to the construction and revamp of the roads.
Analyse the following questions and develop your response to each one by clearly showing how you will manage the project using sound project management principles.
Note: students are required to read beyond the scope of the scenario and module guide to answer the questions that follow. Foundations of literature include primary and secondary sources.
Your first task is to ensure that the problems of cultural differences are understood and the tearn that works on the project are not side-tracked by cultural differences problems. Explain to the minister how you will deal with the cultural differences that you may encounter in your project.
All projects must have the sarne general objectives—specified deliverables (also commonly known as scope), a specific deadline (time), and budget (cost). We refer to these as “direct” project objectives or goals. The minister is concerned about the prudent management of the project constraints as previous project managers failed due to inadequate urge, afforded to these constraints. Prepare a report to show the minister how you will manage the triple constraints of the project.Students are requested to read widely

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