Strategy development proposal

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Assessment 3
Assessment title Strategy development proposal (assessment 3) (50%) (this is a final exam assignment and must be submitted on time. The assessment date cannot be extended). Purpose, description and topics covered Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is to help learners identify elements of the strategic environment that contribute to a firm’s commercial decisions and demonstrate an understanding of the internal and external forces that affect the strategic decisions of a firm This assessment will also enable learners to reason and draw links between concepts learne4d in the unit. Description: This 3,500-word report References: you will need to use a minimum of 10 references of which half at least must be academic. Topics to be covered: Knowledge and skills from weeks 6 to 9, with emphasis on the identification of possible strategic issues for a firm and the application of basic strategy analysis to its market. This assessment will need that you involve reasoning, problem-solving and decision-making based on real-world and discipline-specific situations. Through this assessment, students see how their learning is appropriate to current discipline specific issues and helps prepares them for future professional practice. Assessment length 3,500 words (-,1- 10%) not Including cover sheet or reference list Criteria to grade quality Five criteria will be used to assess the assignment: Application of theoretical models Interpretation of scholarly references to the assessment context Depth of analysis Use of logical, structured responses to assessment problem Citation of references that directly address the assessment question Submission method Via Turnitln using the correct link relevant to the assessment on the learning management system Return method Via comments, rubric and grade on Turnitin
Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)
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Feedback provided Feedback on areas that were appropriate and those that need improvement using the marking rubric and written comments. The marking rubric shown at the end of this table will be used to mark this assessment. Questions about assessments are welcome in class, or via email or phone at any time. Drafts of assessments will not be reviewed- thank you. Rationale The rationale of this assignment is to provide an opportunity for students to undertake a significant, encompassing piece of work that links the various strategic management theories and frameworks into a cohesive analysis of a firm’s strategy. Further guidance The assessment must maintain a similarity level of 15% or less and be submitted to the correct Turnitln link on the student management system. Assessment details ■161111911.11iiirs This is an individual assignment. It takes the form of a report. It requires that you select a firm from anywhere in the Model to its curre mar e 11 pose ion as we as e suggestion of either

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