Strategic planning

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Agenda item 2.5: Strategic planning
As some of you may have noticed, our strategic plan is a little out-of-date,
and we need to review and update it.
Key aspects of the last strategic plan included:
Increasing the number of facilities under our control.
Updating existing and acquired facilities to ensure they continue to
meet minimum government guidelines.
Passing all accreditation inspections.
Continuing to promote the faith to residents and visitors.
Developing a succession plan for all executive positions.
With the exception of the last item, all objectives have been achieved. The
last item was not considered critical, as staff turnover, particularly amongst
the executive, has traditionally been low. We pay above market rates to
ensure that staff remain committed to the company.
Leading into next year’s budgeting process, in line with good practice, I
suggest we develop a new strategic plan, especially given current market
expansion opportunities, and various other industry changes happening at the
moment. This will ensure we are in a good place strategically,
I am aware that all the directors and the executive team are time poor. I
therefore suggest we create a sub-committee to develop a new strategic plan,
for review and approval by the board.
We form a Strategic Planning sub-committee, comprising:
Graeme Butler, Chair
• Joy Morgan
• Joe Newall
• Mike Moore
Further, this committee report back to the board at our March 2021 meeting,
with a draft strategic plan for approval.
James Butler

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