STE610: Sustainability and the Environment 

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ASSESSMENT 1 BRIEF Subject Code and Name STE610: Sustainability and the Environment Assessment Sustainable development Cases and Analysis Individual/Group Individual Length 2,000 words Learning Outcomes The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include: a. Make judgements on the nature of environmental,social and economic trends that impact on the management of an international hotel business. b. Reflect critically on the environmental, social andfinancial factors required to develop business resilience in the hotel sector. c. Critically analyse theories and concepts as they relateto sustainable development. Submission By 11:55 PM (AEST/AEDT/ACST/ACDT) on Sunday (Week 6) Weighting 40% Total Marks 100 marks Task Summary In this assessment, you will analyse and discuss a corporation’s sustainable programs. Context: Hospitality spaces are incorporating greener operations, giving back to community and advocating towards a more sustainable outlook to ensure the survival of their business in this demanding global market. This case study will showcase your abilities to critique existing hotel property of your choice, evaluate its current Corporate Social Responsibility initiative’s efficiency (or lack of) and propose a green conceptual plan that can be applied feasibly within the next 3 years. This individual assessment intends to challenge your leadership and managerial viewpoints regarding current corporate social responsibilities corporations have adopted. The significance of this assessment challenges your analysis on current trends in CSR, managerial ethics, and provide recommendations for improvements to enable a corporation to remain or strive productively in a sustainable way. STE610_Assessment 1 Brief_Case Study_Due Week 6 Page 1 of 4 Task Instructions: To successfully complete this assessment, you must: • Choose an organisation from any industry of your choice; • Critique and analyse three (3) of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives; • Apply theories you have learnt in the first four weeks within the unit to showcase your understanding of sustainability; • Critically argue the validity, effectiveness, responses, and results of these initiatives with the support of credible academic evidence; • Provide a minimum of three recommendations. Submission Instructions 1. Typed and formatted following the Assessment Structure Style Guide and uploaded to BlackBoard on Sunday Week 6, no later than 11:55 PM. 2. To be submitted in electronic form as a PowerPoint-processed file to BlackBoard. PDF-PROCESSED FILES WILL INCUR AN AUTOMATIC FAIL WITH A ZERO GRADE. 3. All referencing must be in accordance with the Academic Writing Guide: APA 7th Edition on SharePoint. 4. A TUA cover sheet to be attached to your paper (Group assessment cover sheet). STE610_Assessment 1 Brief_Case Study_Due Week 6 Page 2 of 4 Assessment Rubric Assessment Criteria Fail (Unacceptable) 0-49% Pass (Functional) 50-64% Credit (Proficient) 65-74% Distinction (Advanced) 75 -84% High Distinction (Exceptional) 85-100% Use of literature/evidence of reading Percentage for this criterion = 20% Either no evidence of literature being consulted or irrelevant to the assignment set. PDF file submitted. Literature is presented uncritically, in a purely descriptive way and indicates limitations of understanding. Clear evidence and application of readings relevant to the subject; uses indicative texts identified. Able to critically appraise the literature and theory gained from a variety of sources, developing own ideas in the process. Has developed and justified using own ideas based on a wide range of sources which have been thoroughly analysed, applied and discussed. Knowledge & Application of theory Percentage for this criterion = 20% Inaccurate or inappropriate choice of theory. PDF file submitted. Selection of theory is appropriate, but some aspects have been missed or misconstrued. Most key theories are included in the work in an appropriate straightforward manner. Insightful and appropriate selection of theory in key areas. Assignment demonstrates integration and innovation in the selection and handling of theory. Analysis & Discussion Percentage for this criterion = 30% Fails to analyse information. Response demonstrates a lack of reflection on, or personalization of, the theories, concepts, and/or strategies presented in the course materials to date. Viewpoints and interpretations are missing, inappropriate, and/or unsupported. Examples are not provided. PDF file submitted. Can analyse a limited range of information with guidance using classification / principles.Viewpoints and interpretations are unsupported or supported with flawed arguments. Examples, when applicable, are not provided Can analyse with guidance using given classification / principles. Response demonstrates a minimal reflection on, and personalization of, the theories, concepts, and/or strategies presented. or are irrelevant Able to analyse a range of information with minimum guidance, can apply major theories and compare alternative methods and techniques for obtaining data. Response demonstrates personalization of, the theories, concepts, and/or strategies. Viewpoints and interpretations are supported. Appropriate examples are provided, as applicable. Can analyse new and/or abstract data and situations without guidance using a wide range of techniques appropriate to the topic. Response demonstrates an in-depth reflection on, and personalization of, the theories, concepts, and/or strategies presented in the course materials to date. Viewpoints and interpretations are insightful and well supported. Clear, detailed examples are provided, as applicable. STE610_Assessment 1 Brief_Case Study_Due Week 6 Page 3 of 4 Presentation and Referencing Percentage for this criterion = 15% Unsatisfactory level of presentation quality. None or almost no photos, diagrams etc. Incompetent level of understanding of relevant software. No evidence of any significant idea for presentation. Incorrect citing. No and/or very poor reference list. PDF file submitted. Presentation quality to a minimal level. Somewhat reasonable level of graphic use: very few photos, diagrams etc, however no context. Very little evidence of an idea for the presentation. Somewhat reasonable understanding of the relevant software. Incorrect citing. Poor reference list. Presentation quality to a competent level. Reasonable level of graphic use, some photos, diagrams, drawings etc. Reasonable evidence of an idea for presentation. Reasonable understanding of the relevant software. Appropriate citing and reference list. Very effective presentation quality. Good use of graphics. Good level of understanding of the relevant software. Good citing and reference list. Variety of sources Excellent use of graphics (photos, diagrams, tools etc.) Superior understanding of the relevant software. Extremely creative presentation ideas well resolved and implemented. Excellent citing and reference list. Wide variety of quality sources. Participation Percentage for this criterion = 15% No evidence of participation. Lack of/or no engagement in class. PDF file submitted. Very little evidence of participation and sometimes displays effort in class engagement. Reasonable evidence of participation and displays effort in class. Good level of participation and effort displayed during class activity. Outstanding level of participation and effort displayed during class ac

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