Statements Strongly disagree

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Statements Strongly disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly agree 1 2 3 4 5 Relationship with Team Members 1. Diversity and inclusion initiatives in which I have been involved have helped to improve relationships among staff from different backgrounds. SD 1 D 2 N 3 A 4 SA 5 2. As a member of this work team, I am responsible and accountable for our success. 3. It is important to continue to be aware of my behavior and attitudes as I work with team members. 4. Team members in my department/area engage in collaboration as they work to accomplish goals. 5. Team members within my department/area respect and trust each other. Relationship with Manager 6. Members of my work team feel that they are treated with fairness and respect by their manager. SD 1 D 2 N 3 A 4 SA 5 7. Team members from different backgrounds and in different job roles feel they can voice their opinions with their manager. 8. My manager demonstrates an appreciation of respect, diversity and inclusion in the work climate. 9. My manager advocates for the team’s continuous learning related to respect, diversity and inclusion. 10. My manager encourages continuous communication and open dialogue among team members. Individual’s Behavior and Attitudes 11. I have learned new information that has reinforced SD D N A SA

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