Sprint Planning is process

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Agile ceremonies
Sprint Planning
Sprint Planning is process that is conducted to ensure achievement of correct goals at the end of each sprint (Alfonso, 2021, para. 10). Product backlog is set. The planning included things that can be added in the upcoming iteration and how what things can be changed. Several decisions are taken such as which items from the product backlog would be selected to be developed in the upcoming iteration or sprint. And how the whole process of the sprint would flow.
Daily Stand up meetings
Daily stand-ups facilitate in observing and keeping the progress of the project in check and also necessary actions that are needed to correct the course of the project are also put down (Measey et. al, 2015, p. 75). This is done so that desired results are produced at the end of each sprint (Measey et al., 2015, p. 75). These stand-up meetings were held 5 consecutive days in a week. Each member discussed what the things were done the day before and how it was done. So, from the first stand-up meeting, it was discussed that the product being developed that is, the website, how the features in the sprint backlog would be developed in the current sprint. Also, it was discussed what will be done during the whole day.
Sprint Review Meeting
It is one of the agile ceremonies wherein the development team is able to present the work to the stakeholders that they have completed in the respective sprint (Alfonso, 2021, para. 27). So in this meeting, the features added to the digital car website can be presented to the stakeholders to maintain trust and confidence. It also helps the gaining feedback from the customers and facilitates in developing the website according to the expectations of the stakeholders.
Sprint retrospective
Sprint retrospective is a process that is conducted after each sprint ends to reflect on how the work was completed and alternative ways of achieving the same work (Alfonso, 2021, para. 34). Here the team delves deep into the quality of the work that they have done. Therefore, the features of the website that was added and the way they were incorporated was discussed during the meeting. Also, the good aspects of the website developed after the sprint was also discussed. And how the website can be improved in each sprint was also discussed.
Agile Requirements
User stories help in setting up the functionalities for a system (Shashi Shekhar, 2018). A product backlog was produced that had all the user stories is prepared, this helps in identification of the features that the users expect from the website. These requirements can be non-functional also and more about the aesthetics like the colour scheme of the website. The website would be developed according to what the user would expect it to function. As the website sets the stage for the digital car dealership to sell cars to the customers. The website should include videos of respective cars being sold by the digital car dealership and should also show different models of each brand available. The website shall have a filter option available to choose a car according to a specific brand, model, shape, number of seats, mileage. The user stories also state the availability of a payment option. The payment option is expected to provide EMIs.
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