some pretty polarizing statements

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The Question has been for several years “What is the difference between a ScrumMaster and a Project Manager?”  Lots of articles have been written and in some cases some pretty polarizing statements.
Your assignment is as a team to prepare a Pecha Kucha presentation with recordings from all team members that use at least the articles listed below as references.  
You should include: 
1) why is it important to talk about this difference, 
2) what is the difference 
3) what you believe the correct viewpoint is and 
4) how does your company handle this role distinction today or if they don’t, how do you think they would handle it?
Deliverable: 20 Slides, 20 seconds per slide, recorded by all team members with participation slide for team participation at end.
Here are a couple of examples of how to do a Pecha Kucha

Google search for Pecha Kucha to see other examples of how to create on PowerPoint
One person upload your presentation to Moodle by the due date (less than 64 MB)

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