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Assignment Brief 2021 -2022
Module Title:
Sociology of Health
Module Code:
Assignment No/Title:
CW1 Essay
Assessment Weighting:
Submission Date:
09/06/2021 before 2pm.
Feedback Target Date:
4 weeks later
Module Lead

Nahla Abbas
Degree/Foundation Please Specify:
Submission Instructions:
1. Submit the assignment electronically via e-submission on LSST Connect before submission deadline 2 pm2. Make sure you are familiar with the e-submission process prior to the deadline. Please do not attempt to submit assignments to lecturers or in hard copy as these methods are not permitted. 3. You are reminded that it is your responsibility to keep both an electronic and a hard copy of your assignment for future reference. You may be required to produce a copy of your assignment. 4. You are reminded of the University’s regulations on cheating and plagiarism. In submitting your assignment, you are acknowledging that you have read and understood these regulations. 5. Late submission within 2 weeks of the deadline will result in the mark for the assignment being capped at 40%. Beyond two weeks the work will not be marked.
Instructions to Students:
1. The essay should be 1.5 line spaced2. Font must be Arial 123. Following the reference guidelines4. Assessment must be within +or – 10% of specified word count5. Work must be stapled not in a plastic folder
This assignment tests the following Learning Outcomes for the module:
Describe main theories in sociology of health and illness Demonstrate an understanding of the role of the state and professions in the management health Demonstrate an understanding of the cultural and societal influences related to the social construction of health Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of the sick role in relation to well-being
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The Assignment Task:
Write an essay of 1500 words on ONE of the following. Discuss theories and concepts from the sociology of health in your essay and support your answer by drawing on appropriate academic literature.1. Discuss the rise of bio-medicine and its relevance to health and illness in contemporary British society.2. “Illness can be understood as a form of deviance.” Discuss.3. Explain the main ways that social class leads to inequalities in health.4. How far do models of disability help our understanding of the lived experience of disability?5. Discuss culture in relation to health and illness, with reference to lay beliefs and lay management of health and illness..
Assessment Criteria
Clear introduction and conclusionDevelopment of a clear academic styleClarity of expressionAppropriate use of sources and accurate referencing
Quality Assurance Record
Internal Approval: External Approval

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