Social Identity Exercise

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Key relationships
Operational preferences

Social Identity Exercise
Objective: to examnine the difference between your identity in a group (social identity) and your private identity.
Everyone fills out the for themselves, being careful not to reveal the result to the group.
One person keeps notes below of the agreed decisions of the group about the person being discussed.  Managers need to learn how to give personal feedback, so keep the commentary positive.
One by one, each person is discussed, while to person being discussed watches and listens, but does not speak; nor do they betray any response to the discussion. This is the most difficult part: you hear how others see you and can compare those observations to the way in which you see yourself.
The group first places the name of the person being discussed in the left hand column. Then the perron keeping notes writes one or two words to indicate the groups agreement about the collective view of the person’s identity in each column: What are the person’s objectives in life; what kinfd of relatiomnship are most important etc.
If the group cannot make a judgement about a particular square, leave it blank.
Discuss the differences between the group view and the individual view in each case.  Do these differences represent blind spots or a well masked identity?

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