situations of leaders and leadership

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In your readings on Leadership, you learned the difference between management ang leadership, as well as traits, styles, and situations of leaders and leadership. Many modern -di. leaders were profiled in the text, including:
• Warren Buffett • Martin Winterkorn • Carrie Toldstedt • Ginni Rometty • Larry Page • Jeff Bezos • Mark Zuckerberg
For this assessment, you will research and write about a modern leader of your choice. Thi following steps will help you prepare for you-r written assignment:
Choose ONE of the following questions to respond to in your initial post.
L Review the leadership trans identified in your reading. Which trait do you think is mos important for a leader to possess? Which do you think is least important? Explain you choices.
(IS marks 2. Your reading included examples of poor leadership, including Martin Winterkorn a Volkswagen and Carrie Tolstedt at Wells Fargo. Under these leaders, employees actei unethically, resulting in harm to customers as well as the business. Choose an example o poor leadership from your reading or elsewhere, and explain what you think the leads could have done differently. What role did the leader’s situation play in his or her action’ What would you have done in a similar situation?
(20 marks Think of a person you consider to be a good leader. Does this person possess some of (hi traits of a good leader discussed in your reading? How would you describe his or hei dership style? Be specific, using terms from your reading.
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