SIT162: Design of Interactive Media Systems

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SIT162: Design of Interactive Media Systems
For this unit there is one multimedia project broken up into three assignments
Assignment – Plan the project and write a proposal
Prepare assets
Assignment 2 – Learn Director – Prepare structure and storyboard – Produce prototype Assignment 3 — Completed interactive multimedia project
Assignment 1 (20%)
Due: End of class (week 5) it.; viiJsignment on the due date. whether it is completed or not.
Overall Aim A small group of 2 – 4 members is to devise an appropriate solution for a multimedia ‘problem’
Objectives • Demonstrate knowledge of user and client centred design • Demonstrate skills in preparing assets for multimedia using industry standard software
Tasks 1. Form a group — Register Group (email name of group and group member’s names & 1Ds to your lecturer — this must be done during class) You will work with the same group for the three assignments for the whole semester
Select a project — Choose ONE from this list (each member of the group MUST work with the same product) Yro tn 7n inn-r—±,-411tn riinn!!70, a simple multimedia / interactive media production with instructions and documentation to teach beginners how to use and perform functions for • a calculator • a digital still camera • a mobile phone • a watch
3 Each member of the group MUST • draw the product – using Adobe Illustrator – make sure each member of the group draws the same model of the product • produce a logo for your group – using Adobe Illustrator • montage the product onto a bitmapped background – using Adobe Photoshop (you will be marked individually for each of these areas) You are expected to use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop for asset creation. Director will be the production application for the implementation/development stage. (Flash, Java or other advanced programs are NOT to be used.)

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