Second Language Acquisition theories

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Part One which carries 40 marks and has eight sub-questions (1-8) -(each carries 5 Marks) that must be answered within one hour approximately.
You need to write very concise answers (very brief but comprehensive). All eight questions are based on Second Language Acquisition theories and their application in the English language classroom.
In most of these questions, there are two sections. The first section of the question usually requires you to define a theory, and the second section usually asks you to exemplify the particular SLA theory using your experiences in the classroom.
As Dr. Herath has mentioned in her message, I strongly recommend that you do not refer to sources/material since you will not be able to complete answering (Part I) within the given time frame if you take time to refer to books.
Read, study and analyze the sessions on SLA theories in the coursebook, complete all activities (discuss them with your colleagues), refer to extra material (especially recommended or

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