RPNR Mathematics

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RPNR Mathematics
1.       Reflective Paper
You are required to write a paper that addresses the following elements:
v  What are your inner feelings about mathematics? You do not have to write anything regarding this but please reflect as to whether your math ability is affected by your feelings. 
v  Whether you have positive or negative feelings towards math, the reality is that patient safety relies on every nurse using multiple strategies to ensure accurate medication administration. Discuss a minimum of five (5) strategies that you intend to use when working with patients to ensure correct medication administration. If you determined that your feelings affect your math ability, ensure you focus some of your strategies on this issue. 
v  Identify five (5) resources and/or individuals available in the clinical setting to prevent medication error when administering medications at the bedside (point of care). 
Medication errors cause patient injury and even death.  List ten (10) medications that are classified as high alert or high risk to patients and require extra caution when administering. Consult the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) online for information

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