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_Is e& Unless you need to edit it’s safer si In Ploi-oriod Vicw. A sprawling township in South Africa, where 70 per cerit64 the population live in shacks, and the 41-floor Gherkin building in the City of London, home to the UK head office of global reinsurance firm Swiss Re and several others). The two seem worlds apart.
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Yet the former is the subject of the video James Hartley, Swiss Re’s managing director and regional head of HR EMEA, points to as demonstrating the power of the
firm’s #TellOurStory initiative, which launched at the beginning of last year
The video features Bongiwe Mncube, HR partner MEA, describing the transformativ effects of Swiss Re’s Middle East and Africa Underwriting Academy, not only on a
10,41 Ape*
• – • – • ekr- • — .,1Riflt4at -,.– —. — ‘ – k.- ,.–, – –””—- =:”L-‘-‘”–‘— -. —„–..„7 .L…,14,– . .3,, . – , ,-,-, -. , . ,, – -..—.-.. – —-.– -.-. —“‘w- ….= ,-.,–g . ””-fak,-7e- ,,, ..,., .,… ,’:.S.- ,,s ,,,,,,,,-… ,..Z. – ,..7-F:-. ,—.,„ –= –.-4—– ——-7— —”•–7– – ”””-‘4;””’ – –‘— – ‘ – —-,0-, ,’-‘X’.——. —-_ °cation beset by skills shorfages, but also on the life of one partic South African township resident, who — before being taken on by —.=.- ally lost._ hanging out on street corners”
now can afford my children’s school fees, can afford stationery, I ca transport for them to go to school, I’m able to take care of my siblinga mother,’” Mn cube relates in the video. It powerful stuff — and just- many stories shared as part of an initiative designed to rpronpect_members o 100-strong EMEA HR function with their individual pbrpose
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.iven Swiss Re’s .wider context,- it had become in.creasingly apparent, expains-,-__.7 . .„ Hartley,tha-t the function ,needed to provide. a very particular kind of support, and role ,oriedel certain key behaviours for the rest ‘of the :business. l ,,’.A,’,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,),,,,,,,,,,,o,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,) „ „,,,:,,,,,,„,„,,,4,,,.,,,,,o.,,,4 ”• •-•• • -•••• • •• • •
FOurld.e.d.i’n 1863nd headquartered in Zurich, Swiss Re has 80 offices -globally and 14:50 employees, It offers corporate solufions to mic-sized and multinational’
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