Responsible leadership

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Responsible leadership
To achieve sustainable values creation and social change
VISION determines how far a responsible leader can go.
BEING ROLE MODEL encourages followers to go further
(Yaffe & Kark 2011)
Responsible leadership
TRUST effectively connects the responsible leader and followers
(SchauT3Fo&kEttarehg 2011)
EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION enhances followers’ performance
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(Bambacas & Patrickson 2
CONTINUOUS LEARNING develops personal skills within the organisation
(Atwood, Mora & Kaplan 201
SELF-AWARENESS drives the commitment to the organisation
(Romanowska. Larsson & Theo rell 2014)
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My leadership approach is task-oriented leadership. Based on the study of Master of Management as well as leadership innovation, my vision might meet the requirement of being a responsible leader. My strength regarding vision is plenty of academic knowledge reserve. Although there are so much more to learn to be a successful responsible leader, I consider myself have a great start in developing leadership skills. I am a reliable worker in all of my jobs. Being a role model is definitely possible for me in the future, which is my strength concerning being a responsible leader. Trustworthy is my strength against the leadership model. Considering my leadership approach is task-oriented, it should be easy for me to building trust. I have effective communication skills such as active listening skills and respecting others’ opinions. The skills are my strength of being a responsible leader. Continuous learning can be my strength of being a responsible leader. So many years of independent learning gave me plenty of chances to be a successful leader.
My self-awareness has been greatly improved throughout the years of working in different industries, which should be my strength in developing leadership skills.
Empowering can be one practical strategy of being a more effective responsible leader. A responsible leader not only needs to undertake responsibilities, but also should give followers enough chances or authorities to do more challenging assignments to improve personal skills and abilities. Therefore, empower followers should be the right strategy in enhancing the performance of followers. Clearly aligning personal values with organisational objectives can be another strategy to be a more effective responsible leader. In contemporary organisations, ensuring followers have a great understanding regarding organisation’s vision and mission is definitely necessary to increase the competitiveness of the organisation. This strategy can be done by creating a clear vision and effectively explaining the organisational objectives to followers.
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