research current acquisition tools

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Task 2: Case Project (5 Marks)Your supervisor has asked you to research current acquisition tools. Using your preferred Internet search engine and the vendors listed in Chapter 2 of the textbook, prepare a report containing the following information for each tool and stating which tool you would prefer to use:• Forensics vendor name• Acquisition tool name and latest version number• Features of the Vendors’ productWith this data collected, prepare a spreadsheet or table listing vendors in the rows. For the columns headings, list the following features:• Raw format• Proprietary format• AFF format• Other proprietary format the tool can read• Compression of image files• Remote network acquisition capabilities• Method used to validate (MF5, SH-1, and so on. (Nelson, Phillips, & Steuart 2015)Deliverable: Minimum of 3 (three) Spreadsheet or table inserted in the assignment document.Task 3: Research Project (5 Marks)
You have just been hired to perform digital investigations and forensics analysis for a company. You find that no policies, processes, or procedures are currently in place. Do an Internet search to find information, and then create a policy and processes document to provide the structure necessary for your lab environment. Be sure to cite your online sources. (Nelson, Phillips, & Steuart 2015)Deliverable: Policy and process no more than 500 words inserted in the assignment document

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