Relationship between corporate level and operation level

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JP Morgan Chase & Co has been one of the evolving sector for the best Banking industry where the company has been able to handle the structural change along with the different standards of the financial brads. The company provides the different services that are for the financial institutions. It has been working on the customers and the employees meeting the needs. Hence, the global financial services firm are set with the operations to handle the financial transaction and the small business for the consumers, and the transaction processing. It includes the equity and the asset management services that are for the serving of consumers in US and the world’s prominent corporate and the government clients. The report will be discussing about the business processes of the company with the order qualifiers and order winners which help the company to rise successfully.
Company profile
The company JP Morgan Chase & Co. is one of the financial holding that helps in providing the financial and the proper investment services. The firm has been able to bring the different ranges of the products and the services for the capital markets. It includes the equity and the risk management, debt and the marketing making for the cash securities in an effective manner. The company has been operating through the Commercial Banking segment with handling the treasury services, investment banking and the asset management. The profile of the company includes that there are 38% of the mutual fund shareholders and the 36% of the other institutional shareholders who are taking hold of company operations.
Customer profile
JP Morgan Chase has approximately 30000 middle market customers with 1700 of the corporate banking and 1100 of the commercial real estate banking customers. The company has been working on properly managing and handling the operations with the upscale business factors and then looking for the corporate and the personal meetings. The company has been able to focus on the consumers with the creation of economy to sales, expansions in the geographical forms, increased capital base and the product offerings along with gaining the market power. The global consolidation allows the banks to handle the increase in size and the marketing capabilities through technological efficiencies. The income of the people is between 5000 to 6000 RM with the age in between 30-50 years.
Customer values
Define customer value
JP Morgan Chase has been focusing on the satisfaction of the customers and the experiences includes the cost of actions. There are different factors which involves the strengthening, safeguard and the growth of the company. It adheres to the principles where there are promising specific outcomes or the different risks free results. The company has been working on the commitment with the re-double of the efforts. Not only this, it includes the creation, communication and perceived values for products similarity.
Define order qualifier explain-relate to the industry
The order qualifiers highlight on the different aspects which are related to the competitiveness and the other operational performance that are defined through meeting the needs. This is considered at the competitive success determinant.
The company JP Morgan Chase focus on the accessibility, world class products, risks management, pricing and the reliability.
Define order winner-relate to the industry
The order winners are about the contribution with handling the purchase of the products and the services. The performances are determined through the business sectors which includes the gain for more business (Smith et al., 2020) .
JP Morgan has been handling the high technology with high quality and the customer friendly services which helps the company to grow in an effective manner.
Define order loser-relate to the industry
The order loser is about the product problems and the attributes which are when the customers do not want the product. Hence, this is the process when the customer does not will to buy the product.
JP Morgan needs to work on handling the small sized working at the less price with providing no access online to the customers for their banking operations.
The diagram highlights about the order designing capability that complete depends on the costs, quality and the time which includes the service levels as well.
Relationship between corporate level and operation level
Define corporate objective
This highlights about the business that is working on the top management along with providing the proper focus on the different objectives and other functional activities. The market involves the customer satisfaction with management structure, promotion and proper development which is important for matching the expectations of employees (Kanala et al., 2019).
Define corporate strategies
This is about the higher planning with focusing on the achievement on the analytical techniques that could be defined for the PESTLE and SWOT analysis.
Define operation objective
The operational objectives are to highlight the show term goals which focuses on the planning and then handling the efficiency at the competitive and flexible level. Here, the levels need to be handled along with the technological changes and the environmental levels.
Define operation strategies
The operational strategy is for the resources and then working on the resources, personnel and the planning to work on the business strategy. It handles the promotional and production effectiveness through minimizing the levels of the costs.
-relate to the corporation objective to operation objective
The corporate objectives aim is to focus on the financial services which includes how the world, serving corporations and the individuals are working in 100 countries. It is one of the global leaders who are able to offer the solutions for the world’s important corporations, with the government, institutions in more than 100 countries.
Corporate Strategy highlights on the customers, employees and the shareholders. It works on the vision of how the customers are able to work with the remarkable experiences and a higher standard service (Viriyasitavat et al., 2019).
Operational Strategy is about the right brand for the customers, with focusing on the firmwide teams and the core business and functions that are set with the functional alignment or the Integrated Payment Strategy
Operational Objectives includes the factors with execution to win. Hence, it involves the employees and the contact with the customers. There are quick additions that are defined for handling the follow up to meet the customer demands.
Business processes
Represent the business process with diagram
Identify & explain the elements in the business process
The business processes includes the factors where there are activities defined and depending on the human resource management. It includes the firm ability to handle the employees with delivering the services properly. Not only this, the people are involved with the proficiency that works with the different operational problems. The employees tend to seek and plan for understanding and focusing on the guests who are valued. JPM has been working on creating the digital ecosystem which will also help the banks to properly align with the interests of the client (Horn et al., 2018). Not only this, there are digital ecosystems that will help the bank to properly align to interest of the client. It is through the industry traditional fee based models through consumer friendly ecosystem. The strategy is for the JPM which is for handling the free trading platform for 48M of the digital customers with the free trading and the flip of a switch. The company includes the layout with the transforming of the customer banks with digital standards. Not only this, the company has been able to handle the digital forms with the data for the investments and the M&A, patents or the partnerships for the hiring activities or product chase. The business involves how the employees tend to seek for the natural hosting and making the guests who are valued. It includes the patents, hiring activities and products in an effective way.
Business process activities
Define the 12 activities
The forecasting of the company includes 20% unemployment and 40% hit to the economy with the major declining costs. This is mainly due to the COVID 19. Apart from this, the company will have to face the unemployment where there are major problems related to the hitting on the economy factors. JP Morgan is lowered with the forecast with the job loss (Hautala et al., 2017).
order processing
JP Morgan works on the global access that highlights on the extensive of the mutual and the hedge funds. The order processes are automated and then controlled with the placement to the settlement that includes the proper tracking and reporting. The integral part includes the product custody and the services which are for handling the multi-asset class securities that help in processing the capabilities for the mutual and the hedge funds. The mitigation of the risks is for the supporting of services and order automation and validation (Zhgeng et al., 2018).
supply chain management
JP Morgan works on the supply chain through increased efficiency and enhancement of the returns. There are rapid and the cost effective solutions that are defined to handle the administrative burdens. It includes the risks mitigation and the cash flow objectives that are for the streamlining of the payable process through providing the suppliers and achieving the early payments. The supply chain offering is for the pre-export and post import which can help in strengthening the relationships and the supplier security through standardizing and extending the terms of payment.
product design-development of new product
The driving of the consumers with the fast and the seamless experiences that tend to make use of the smartphones for the buying of items and then managing the accounts of the banks for paying to a friend. Not only this, there are factors for the process transformation, data science and the technology or the user experience which is for the improvement in the implementation at a scale (Patel et al., 2018). The functional standards are through handling change of generating the ideas and doing the product strategy validation through less time doing on the PowerPoint Strategy. The business needs to work on the enhancement on the collaboration level with the product managers, designers and the developers handling the expertise for the stakeholders.
process design
The company process designing is based on evolving the business environment where the actual product includes the forced intervention. The innovation is about the company changes and the creativity or the execution. The planning needs to be done to ensure about the forms and the traditional companies which are working on the efficient development and the distribution of the products and services. The designing is about the creativity with understanding the customer pain points or the critical differentiation process that are important for the desired customer experiences. The design thinking is based on the tools with mapping of the user journeys and the customer personas.
capacity planning
The company JP Morgan has been involved with the resource management that includes the issues which needs to be offered and worked upon with the compressive meeting rooms. The planning is done through effectively working on different event spaces which could be used for the proper management of hospitality and the ownership standards (Vuksic et al., 2017).
managing quality:
The company needs to work on the different factors of the procurement policies which are highlighted on the corporate citizenship and then handling the demands with making sure that the resources are available to bring the profit to the business. The understanding is based on the facilities and the quality management which has been important for the banking industry.
facility layout
The facility layout is for the handling of financial solutions which are for handling the different range of the industries. It works with the crops, livestock, food process, beverage and the other shifts in the different industries. The company has been able to finance the different sectors like the government, healthcare to manage the costs and the tax processing from the utilities and then handling the disaster reliefs as well. The focus is on investment banking to create and handling the financial services as well (McRae et al., 2019).
The company has been involved with the category management with sourcing that helps in the alignment of the discrete groups. This is for handling the related products and the services that are for offering the span in the multiple sourcing categories. The bidding opportunities and the supplier requirements are based on the project with the sourcing team handling the company capability to firms. The understanding is based on the opportunities for the sourcing team where the introduction is based on the capabilities for the firm and then registering for the diversified suppliers.
warehousing / transportation
The company warehousing is for the industry sources where the consumers handle the delays with the delivery of the metals. It is also for the boosting of the revenue from the rent. Hence, JP Morgan aims for the inventory with the rival trading that includes the prompts for the operators with certain stocks on over 900,000 tones in a city.
staff recruitment
JP Morgan has been involved with the workplace standards and handling the human capital strategies. They are for the fostering of the environment with respect to people who are encouraged to work on raising the ideas and the issues. It includes the strong training and proper development programs that are for providing the responsibility and then counseling to the managers on the broader range of the workplace issues.
After sales service
The company works on helping the clients with the management of the costs. It works on driving the sales with the navigation on the omnichannel payment landscape which includes the enhancement of the cash flow. Not only this, there are customers working on the purchasing experiences with the easy and the quick management or the tailoring of the preferences. The success is depending on the improvement of the sales conversion rates with lessening the shopping cart abandonment that leads to the repeated sales with increased loyalty of the customers.
Relate the activities in the business process to customer demands
The desire to work on the improvement: The company has been planning which includes the forms that are related to the understanding about how the forecasting is improved. The order winner processes are related to the value chain integration and handling the qualifiers for the production or the variable costs of the banking sector.
Focus on Customer: The planning is on the management and the supply that helps in defining about the layout of the facilities, with procurement and the order process. The focus is on the customer demands and the consideration where the order winners are worked on the pricing, and the quality The qualifiers are involved with the allocation of the variations and the relevant adaptation.
Corporate Social Responsibility It comes with the transport and the service that are for the proper planning and procurement forms. It includes the order winners who are directly aligned for the changes and the qualifiers are able to work on the management with the effective handling of the allocation procedures with the investments of the capital.
Convenience: The approach is for handling the different standards with banking industry involved with focusing on the supply and demands. The order qualifiers are for the different standards of the activities with the delivery systems which are focusing on the pricing and the output forms.
Social Connection and Utility: The social standards are defined for the work that involves the order qualifiers and the winners. It involves the interaction, and the pricing or the order qualifiers works on the different pricing standards through friendly employees and the reliability sectors (Gonzalez et al., 2016).
The report focuses on the different details of the JP Morgan case with the service excellence. It highlights about how the company is able to work on supporting the mission statements and then primarily worked factors for the satisfaction of customers. The organization tend to focus on providing the customers with the different experience that is for the likely expectations and also to ensure about the proper functionality of the business. Not only this, there are core approaches which are defined through creating the association of employees and the pleasant consumer relationship.
Strength: The focus is on how the company is working on the improved banking technologies that helps in improving the loyalty programs, There are different factors for the smart functionality of the work and play.
Weakness: The expansion planning and the problems are related to handle the infrastructure development and then there are high end factors which are needed on the regular basis.
Opportunities: The opportunities are defined through the value added services which are defined for handling and working on the regular basis. Here, the standards are set effectively for the development of infrastructure.
Threats: The threats are defined through working on the opportunities and the value added services which involves the personalized attention when it comes to charge high for the facilities.

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