Public goods

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1. What are the challenges of providing public goods in developing versus developed countries? Use specific cases in your answer.
Rubrics/Marking Guidelines :
Your major essay showcases your knowledge of key concepts within the topics covered in the course and allows you to demonstrate your understanding of different approaches to development and public policy.
The major essay will be graded on (i) your capacity to thoroughly research a topic (ii) your comprehension of material that you have read (iii) your capacity to develop an argument in response to the task that is set for you (iv) your referencing (please use an author-date style of referencing – and whatever style you choose, use it consistently).
Different Unit Coordinators at Murdoch use Urkund in different ways. In this unit, Urkund is not available to you as a development tool and accordingly you will not receive any reports or scores from it. You are expected to have correctly referenced your assignments before submission. All Urkund data will be available to teaching staff only. Consequently, although you will receive emails stating that your assignment has been submitted to Urkund and then that it has been has been processed, you will not be able to see the data.
Your assignments will be returned to you when all work submitted on time has been marked.
It is the responsibility of students to keep a copy of all assignments submitted for assessment.

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