Psychological Data Analysis

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Master Degree course –Psychological Data Analysis
Given the short timeframe to complete the assignment and the requestor has no prior knowledge in SPSS and Statistic, and too short time to learn both statistic and SPSS in order to complete the assignment, thus help is required. There are 2 papers needed for this assignment.
First Paper
This paper is an explanation of work for second paper
It needs to include screen shot and remarks of each SPSS path and steps in details and the process of the data is generated in SPSS
It needs to explain why the statistical test is selected based the data given supported the decision for each question listed in the 2nd paper. This explanation also needs to be included in 2nd paper at the introduction paragraph. The reason is need to do a presentation to the lecturer how the 2nd paper is done.
Use spacing 1.5 and calibri 11 as font.
This first paper has no word limit
Deadline: June 10, 5pm London time
Second Paper
Number of words: 2000 words excluding references. Maximum 10% (i.e, <=2200)
This is a SPSS assignment. Use latest v26 to perform the analysis
Appropriate referencing is required for some but not all elements of this assignment. Those questions that require data analysis and interpretation of output do not require references. All references must be in accordance with APA guidelines. Use APA 7th for reference
The word count is to be declared on the front page of your assignment. If the assignment is within +10% of the stated word limit no penalty will apply. Note that the word limit INCLUDES the abstract, the main body of text, in text citations [e.g. (Smith, 2011)], direct secondary quotations [e.g. “dib-dab nonsense analysis” (Smith, 2011 p.123)] and footnotes. However, the word limit DOES NOT INCLUDE a title page, contents page, direct quotations from primary or secondary source material arising from qualitative research, tables, figures, illustrations, references list or appendices. If you wish to include appendices, they must be clearly numbered, labelled, and referred to appropriately in the text. The purpose of appendices is to provide context or verification for the marker.
Title page leave blank except the word count (put in middle of the page)
The paper must have Table of Content with numbering 1, 1.1, 1.1.1 etc. Each section must be properly numbered for readability.
Spacing: 1.5
Turnitin report must be attached as separate file
You will be likely to be including tables and graphs from analyses done in SPSS. Please do not just copy and paste tables from SPSS. Please recreate the tables in Word. Well-presented tables get higher point. SPSS does not do them in APA style. In addition, SPSS often provides information that is not required and so you can edit the contents of a table and make the summary data clearer by doing so. Graphs can be copied and pasted from SPSS as long as you have formatted them clearly. Please take proper screen shot(clear border and not taking whole window shot). Please to resize them when they are pasted in so that they are not too big ie taking up half a page. I recommend copying them as pictures and then pasting as the formatting will not be messed up by re-sizing.
Use Parametric test only (e.g., Anova, Ancova, multiple linear regression, Chi-squared, etc, whichever applicable)
Deadline: June 10, 5pm London time
Assignment Detail:
A researcher is interested in the relationships between the following four variables: On-line game addiction, narcissistic personality traits, self-control, and aggression. Data are collected from a sample of 226 individuals. The data can be found in the assessment SPSS spreadsheet ‘assessment.sav’. For each variable, higher values indicate greater levels of the variable. Analyse the data using SPSS and report the results using standard APA conventions. (20 marks)
Following the initial analysis conducted in Q1 the researcher goes on to look at which of the
variables (On-line game addiction, narcissistic personality traits, and self-control) are the best predictors of aggression. Analyse the data using SPSS and report the results using standard APA conventions. (30 marks).
3. The researcher also thinks that it is possible that there are sex differences for these variables. You will also find codes for males and females in the data set. Analyse the data using SPSS to investigate this, and report the results using standard APA conventions. (20 marks)
4. As I further investigation, the researcher wants to see if playing a violent video game increase
levels of aggression. She runs a study in which aggression levels are measured in 40 participants
before and after playing a violent video game. Use SPSS to compare the variables Aggro_pre and Aggro_post in order to answer this question. (10 marks)
5. Explain the advantage of reporting effect sizes in addition to significance levels. (20 marks)
SPSS data file

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