prove hypothesis on process development

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Test wireframes with users to prove hypothesis on process development. Hint: first discuss about what is testing and why we do_; then test high fidelity 10 wireframes according to case study Implementing UI Prototypes, Styles guides and Branding for the Surface Plane — 10% Design and implement style tiles and guides — apply UX and branding concepts. Hint: first discuss about what is prototype, style tiles and guides then Implement / develop the prototypes which must reflect your wireframe and justify chosen colour/styles of the final design 10 Conclusion and Recommendations — 10% Provide a critical appraisal of usability and accessibility considerations for the successful implementation of a prototype solution in an organisation using UX design theory and best practices. 10 Credits page — 5% Provide references and sources utilising the Harvard standard. 5 Total 100 Marks

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