proposal from Assignment 1

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How to Proceed
Building on your analysis and
proposal from Assignment 1, develop
your investment proposal business
case draft:
Create a title page with the
project proposal names and
author identification
Calculate the bond yield to utilize
as your required return
Prepare a summary narrative (i.e.,
a detailed description) of each
proposal with detailed elements
on the initial investment as well
as the costs/revenues over the
life of each of the projects.
Identify which revenues and
costs are relevant to your
analysis, and which costs are
irrelevant. Identify the time
horizon for each investment.
Calculate the after-tax cash flows
during the life of each of the
projects. Be sure to identify the
total costs of ownership and
deduct those costs from the
benefits to arrive at the net cash
inflow per year.
Utilizing the after-tax cash flows
from Part 4, evaluate each
investment proposal utilizing the
following criteria (unless directed
a. changes in payments
from beginning of
period to end;
b. Payback;
c. Discounted payback;
d. NPV:
e. Profitability index.
Clearly indicate whether any of
the above criteria support each of
the project proposals, and what
the company should ultimately
decide to do.

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