promoted to supervise a team of employees

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12/15/2018 Discussion 2 – Week 4 Supervisor Development Consider the following scenario:
Thread: Discussion 2 – Week 4 — FIRMG-3001-11MGMT-3003-11…
You have just been promoted to supervise a team of employees. In your previous role, you were responsible for yourself and your individual results. Now you will be in charge of a team of five employees. As a brand new supervisor, you recognize the need to strengthen your skills.
• Review the section on Management Leadership Development in Chapter 9 of the Mathis text. • Identify two skills you would like to strengthen, and explain why these areas would help you supervise your new team.
By Day 3
Post a response of approximately 150 words,which indicates the two skills you would like to develop. In your response, you will need to justify your selection of these skills. Explain why these skills are important in enabling you to supervise your team.,nav=discussion_board_ently&con… 111

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