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Subject Code and Title
PROJ6000 Principles of Project Management
Assessment 3 – Visual Presentation – OrganisationalBenefits of Implementing Effective Project ManagementProcesses
10 slides
Learning Outcomes
Successful completion of this assignment will result inachievement of the following subject learning outcomes:1. Understand PMBOK knowledge areas and processgroups and their role, relevance and impact on projectmanagement best practice and PMI’s Code of Ethics.3. Apply appropriate project management tools andtechniques, paying particular attention to riskmanagement.
By 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday End of module 5
Total Marks
35 marks
Context:Leading organisations across sectors and geographic borders have been steadily embracingproject management as a means of controlling spending and improving project results.These, and other desirable outcomes have been achieved through the application of projectmanagement methodologies, standards, and maturity models, which has understandablybeen embraced by many contemporary organisations.Project managers of course are an integral part of delivering successful projects, and assuch, have many responsibilities to discharge throughout a project’s lifecycle.PROJ6000_Assessment 3 Brief_101116 Page 2 of 5Instructions:Create a visual presentation describing the benefits delivered to an organisation by theapplication of effective project management processes. Describe how risk managementrelates to the management of projects and the possible consequences of not managing riskseffectively when implementing project management practices in an organisation.PROJ6000_Assessment 3 Brief_101116 Page 3 of 5Output and SubmissionSubmit your completed assessment by the end of module 5.Learning ResourcesGeneral Guidelines for Successful Presentations.Project Management Institute (2010). The Value of Project Management. Retrieved from of ProjectManagement_FINAL.ashxProject Management Institute (2015). Capturing the Value of Project Management ThroughKnowledge Transfer. Retrieved from Management Institute (n.d.). Real-world risk management. Retrieved from Management_FINAL.ashxProject Management Institute. (2013a). A guide to the project management body ofknowledge (PMBOK guide) (5th ed.). Newtown Square, PA: Author. Chapter 11, ‘Project Risk Management’Clements, J. (2012). Project Risk Management. Retrieved from, R. K. (2014). Effective project management: Traditional, agile, extreme (7th ed.).Indianapolis, IN: Wiley.
‘Introduction’Chapter 1, ‘What Is a Project?’Chapter 2, ‘What Is Project Management?’
Assessment CriteriaThis assessment will be graded using the Learning Rubric below, and is worth 35% of thetotal for the subject.PROJ6000_assessment 3 brief_101116 Page 4 of 5Learning Rubrics
High Distinction(85-100)
Difficult to understand for audience, nological/clear structure, poor flow of ideas,no reference to supporting evidence.No effort is made to keep audienceengaged, audience cannot follow the line ofreasoning.Little use of presentation aids, or thepresentation aids and material used areirrelevant.
Information, argumentsand evidence arepresented in a way that isnot always clear andlogical.Attempts are made tokeep the audienceengaged, but not alwayssuccessful. Line ofreasoning is often difficultto follow.Presentation aids areused more for effect thanrelevance.
Information, argumentsand evidence are wellpresented, mostly clearflow of ideas andarguments.The audience is mostlyengaged, line ofreasoning is easy tofollow.Effective use ofpresentation aids.
Information,arguments andevidence are verywell presented, thepresentation islogical, clear and wellsupported byevidence.Engages theaudience,demonstratescultural sensitivity.Carefully and wellpreparedpresentations aidsare used.
Expertly presented; thepresentation is logical,persuasive, and wellsupported by evidence,demonstrating a clearflow of ideas andarguments.Engages and sustainsaudience’s interest inthe topic, demonstrateshigh levels of culturalsensitivityEffective use of diversepresentation aids,including graphics andmulti-media.
Knowledge andunderstanding40%
Limited understanding of required conceptsand knowledge (benefits of projectmanagement).Key components of the assignment are notaddressed.
Knowledge orunderstanding of the fieldor discipline.Resembles a recall orsummary of key ideas.Often conflates/confusesassertion of personalopinion with informationsubstantiated by evidencefrom the research/coursematerials.
Thorough knowledge orunderstanding of the fieldor discipline/s. Supportspersonal opinion andinformation substantiatedby evidence from theresearch/coursematerials.Demonstrates a capacityto explain and applyrelevant concepts.
Highly developedunderstanding of thefield or discipline/s.Discriminatesbetween assertion ofpersonal opinion andinformationsubstantiated byrobust evidence fromthe research/coursematerials andextended reading.
A sophisticatedunderstanding of thefield or discipline/s.Systematically andcritically discriminatesbetween assertion ofpersonal opinion andinformationsubstantiated by robustevidence from theresearch/coursematerials and extendedreading.
PROJ6000_assessment 3 brief_101116 Page 5 of 5
Well demonstratedcapacity to explainand apply relevantconcepts.
Mastery of concepts andapplication to newsituations/furtherlearning.
Presentation Aid30%
Little or no evidence of use of resourceguidelines in creation of the presentationslides.Understanding of subject matter (benefitsof project management) is not welldemonstrated.
Presentation slidesindicate lack ofunderstanding ofresource guidelines orlack of effort in theircreation.Subject matter displayedis not always consistentwith the oralpresentation.
Presentation slides arestructured and displayunderstanding andapplication of resourceguidelines.Understanding of subjectmatter is welldemonstrated.Most of the content is inalignment with the oralpresentation.
Presentation slidesare structured andmeet most resourceguidelines.Clear understandingof subject matter isdemonstrated.Content perfectlyaligns with the oralpresentation.
Presentation slides arestructured and meet allresource guidelines.Clear understanding ofsubject matter isdemonstrated.Content perfectly alignswith the oralpresentation.

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